I had the pleasure of being a part of this project last November. Check Bobby Jasinski out – he’s a beast of musician and composer, and the new record will out this spring! http://youtu.be/iuotxw2Ej6E […]


Had a blast sitting in with Baltimore’s finest, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, last Sunday at the Barkley Ballroom at 9,075 ft in Frisco, CO. Such a fun show, thanks again to Luiz for the video, and to the Pigeons for having me up. See you dudes on the road! […]


Matt and I are touring around the US as a duo right now. Traveling is so great for meeting new people, and one of our favorite ways to make that happen is by Couchsurfing. Our newest CS friend Luiz recorded us playing a couple new tunes in his backyard in Boulder, CO, including one with ... Read more... […]