Most of this band has alter-egos as jazz musicians, but when they play as Gina Sobel and the Mighty Fine, they rock. Original tunes, burning solos, soaring vocals, great grooves. Gina leads the group on flute, sax and vocals, with Dave French lending his blues-soaked strat and raspy voice to the mix. Ryan Lee is Dave’s foil, cutting through with cerebral tele solos that make you wait for it. The rhythm section might as well be one person – Simon Evans and Pat Hayes have been playing together since they were kids. Simon’s bass playing is defined and acrobatic in turn, but always locked in. Pat is the most sensitive rock drummer you’ll ever meet, clean response, subtle syncopation and funky funky grooves.

Original, high-energy, responsive jazz featuring:

Gina Sobel /// flute, bass flute, vocals
Jonah Kane-West /// organ
Kris Monson /// bass
Daniel Richardson /// drums

Gina’s improvisational spirit helps her to discover melodic gems and turns of phrase in everything from traditional folk music to her original tunes. Her guitar playing fills out this one-person ensemble with solid rhythm and percussive structure.


High energy duo, shrouded in mystery. One part blues, one part folk, one part Beatles.

A trio paying homage to the blues, old country, jazz, and swing tunes of past generations while favoring the foot stomping grit of the present day alt country rock band.

Associated Acts

Wytold layers percussive bowing and melodic finger-picking on bodyless, shoulder-strapped, six-string electric cello. He records these sounds live on both electric and acoustic cellos to create his own rock-orchestral accompaniment on stage, blended with an ensemble of Ethan Foote on bass, Chelle Fulk viola/violin, Jerry Tolk on guitar/banjo/percussion, and Gina Sobel on flute and saxophone. The two extra strings on his electric cello allow him to capture the depth and power of a stand-up bass, the rich tonal timbre of the acoustic cello, and the bright crispness of violin solos and harmonies, all interwoven with Gina’s soaring jazz melodies and agile improv.

Willie DE is a nationally touring blues guitarist who was born, raised and resides in Central Virginia. Growing up on Bob Dylan and Van Morrison, he busked on Charlottesville’s downtown mall and outside football games in Charlottesville performing original material and most anything the crowd asked for.

The meeting of Chris Dammann’s Chicago connexions with his Charlottesville crew. They come together to make Chris’ version of club thumping hits. The music is honest, visceral, and straight from the heart.

An eclectic blend of raucous-roots, drunken-Irish, potent-americana, and mountain-funk…best served with whiskey… and plenty of it.

A “fun and funky” jazz band featuring the playing and compositions of Chapman Stick virtuoso Greg Howard, as well as John D’earth on Trumpet, Gina Sobel on flute, Darrell Rose on percussion and Mike Taylor on drums.

A project born of true collaboration, Quiet Fire brings music to those looking for something they’ve never heard. Originating from sounds of the eastern world, the music is developed by all members of the band using their own unique approaches and backgrounds to improv and composition.

Near Earth Objects is an experimental trio playing inspired trio music. The band (Joey Ciucci on keys, Nathan Goodwyn on bass, Scott Milstead on drums) incorporates the improvisational spirit of jazz, the swinging back beat of funk, and the allure of the unknown. Strong melodies buttress adventurous compositions that thrive within both structure and freedom.

A blues based rock and roll trio whose main goal is to melt faces (no joke).